Laval Roy: 1.28187 Tangara à dos citron (femelle) / Ramphocelus icteronotus / Lemon-rumped Tanager
Laval Roy: 1.07625 Colibri de Mitchell (mâle immature) / Philodice mitchellii / Purple-throated Woodstar
nitinpatel2: American Goldfinch
brian_stoddart: Verreaux's Eagle Owl
brian_stoddart: Lilac Breasted Rollers
Christine_S.: pink Japanese anemone
Christine_S.: spider lilies
sandro349: in the park
sandro349: in the park
ashahmtl: _31A8023 juvenile Red-eyed Vireo, Canada
mapecard: Mini insectus.
m.amarocarvalho: Fungo... Fungi
m.amarocarvalho: Fungo... Fungi
m.amarocarvalho: Hygrocybe conica
m.amarocarvalho: Leratiomyces ceres
Jeremy Beckman: Teeth Whiter Than the Sun
Jeremy Beckman: Moving With Purpose
tstanford372: Lapwing
tstanford372: Red-crested Pochard
Jim J, Thank you for 2.7 million Views.: The Landing after leaving the nest.
Jim J, Thank you for 2.7 million Views.: Near Landing after leaving the nest.
Eros Penatti: Storno
Origma: Honeyeater, New Holland (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae longirostris)