parmrussrap: Dormant Willow At Sunset
parmrussrap: A Dowithcher Lands, But Ducks Don't Care
parmrussrap: Mud Prober
parmrussrap: Pied-billed Grebe On Blue
parmrussrap: Ruddy Duck Relaxing
parmrussrap: Sheet Web?
parmrussrap: Northern Harrier On An Afternoon Cruise
parmrussrap: Four Plus One
parmrussrap: North End Of A South-bound Egret
parmrussrap: MNWR Sunset With Birds, Grass And Reeds
parmrussrap: Snowy Egret Near Sunset
parmrussrap: Late Afternoon Dowitcher Landing
parmrussrap: A Greater Yellowlegs Scans The Buffet
parmrussrap: Dragonflies And Reeds At 4:52pm
parmrussrap: Wilson's Snipe Facing West
parmrussrap: American Pipit In Stubble
parmrussrap: A Sparrow And His Toothpick
parmrussrap: Savannah Sparrow In The Reeds
parmrussrap: American Kestrel On A Post
parmrussrap: Loggerhead Shrike On A Windy Day
parmrussrap: Black Pheobe On A Signpost
parmrussrap: Cranes, Swallows And Two Ducks Over A Marsh
parmrussrap: Wanna-be Duck
parmrussrap: An Old Green Darner At The End Of A Long Season
parmrussrap: Say's Phoebe On Wood
parmrussrap: Fluffed-Up Killdeer At Sunset
parmrussrap: Budding Willow With Blackbirds At Sunset
parmrussrap: Heads Together
parmrussrap: Fence Before Willows And Reeds
parmrussrap: Hawk In Late Afternoon Light