parmrussrap: Mourning Dove on a Dead Branch
parmrussrap: The Western Kingbird, the Red-tailed Hawk and the Bird Diverter
parmrussrap: Snowy Egret All Fluffed Up
parmrussrap: Swainson's Hawk on a Pole
parmrussrap: Greater Yellowlegs
parmrussrap: Pied-billed Grebe
parmrussrap: Funnel-web
parmrussrap: Funnel-web
parmrussrap: Sandstone Hills
parmrussrap: Nuttal's Woodpecker
parmrussrap: Variegated Meadowhawk on an Overcast Day
parmrussrap: California Groundsquirrel Portrait
parmrussrap: White-tailed Kite Overhead
parmrussrap: Lone Oak
parmrussrap: California Scrub Jay
parmrussrap: 180-degree Surveillance
parmrussrap: Yet Another Back-lit Anna's Hummingbird
parmrussrap: Old Phillips With A T
parmrussrap: Tamron Moon 3
parmrussrap: Red-winged Blackbird - Pose #5
parmrussrap: Anna's Hummingbird in the Light
parmrussrap: Eurasian Collared Dove
parmrussrap: Northern "The Legs" Harrier
parmrussrap: Tamron Moon 2
parmrussrap: Swainson's Hawk Banks Left
parmrussrap: Western Meadowlark Braces Against the Wind
parmrussrap: Hen Pheasant Juvenile
parmrussrap: Western Kingbird in the Sun
parmrussrap: Northern Harrier - Adult Male
parmrussrap: Loggerhead Shrike 2