timvermicon: How dare you.
timvermicon: Snoozy Fox
timvermicon: Cedar Waxwing
timvermicon: Cedar Waxwing
timvermicon: Bald Eagle
timvermicon: On the hunt
timvermicon: pretty Whitetail Doe
timvermicon: Bluebird looking at me
timvermicon: Barred Owl
timvermicon: Northern Cardinal
timvermicon: On the matter of a Lady..
timvermicon: Red Bellied Woodpecker
timvermicon: Barred Owl Visit
timvermicon: Pretty Nuthatch
timvermicon: Dapper Downy
timvermicon: Red Fox
timvermicon: Blue Heron
timvermicon: Eastern Phoebe
timvermicon: Hoo dat?
timvermicon: Barred Owl. Also a Snob
timvermicon: Young Red Fox
timvermicon: Ooohhh, that’s a bingo!
timvermicon: Lost River, West Virginia (Explore 10/4/22)
timvermicon: The curious one
timvermicon: Nom nom nom....
timvermicon: Carb loading2
timvermicon: Carb loading1
timvermicon: Red Fox
timvermicon: Beautiful ballet
timvermicon: Young Red Fox