@wilder_action: Beeing personal
@wilder_action: Keep on moving don't stop
@wilder_action: Happiness is a butterfly
@wilder_action: Hum-free
@wilder_action: It's gonna be bee season soon
@wilder_action: And for my next trick
@wilder_action: Jungle dart
@wilder_action: Carrying
@wilder_action: I'm forever blowing bubbles
@wilder_action: Eye in the sky
@wilder_action: Steamed up
@wilder_action: A real hum licker
@wilder_action: Pantaloons
@wilder_action: A very broad shouldered hawk
@wilder_action: Do a little dance, make a little love get down tonight
@wilder_action: Berry good honey
@wilder_action: Honey creeper
@wilder_action: I met this black beauty in Costa Rica
@wilder_action: WTF is this white stuff
@wilder_action: Little and Large
@wilder_action: Hold me!
@wilder_action: Wing man
@wilder_action: The beautiful hunter
@wilder_action: Focussed
@wilder_action: Sabre tooth
@wilder_action: Kiss of death
@wilder_action: Butterback
@wilder_action: I'll berry you!