Rudolf Getel: movement
shadow speaks the truth..: Pillars & Shadows
Rudolf Getel: Daisy field
Alex Mueller's Street Photography: Things you can do with paintings. #1: Selfie.
Alex Mueller's Street Photography: Compared to History you will always be small
AlessiaTwig: Catedral de la Almudena - Madrid
Denis Moynihan: Mulling Over Molluscs
AlessiaTwig: Toledo's street
shadow speaks the truth..: the way she smiles..
tonmoy_rahaman: Bunch of Geese
Denis Moynihan: Watching The Weather
shadow speaks the truth..: Kissing the Sky
tonmoy_rahaman: I S L A N D (Pano)
wyncliffe: Jetty in Lake Macquarie
Denis Moynihan: Rain On Me
tonmoy_rahaman: BRIDGE (Pano)
ainuLIslam: Up In The Sky
wyncliffe: Bold colours
Denis Moynihan: He Hops She Shops
fusion-of-horizons: Nessebar -St. Stephen Church [11th to 13th century]
shadow speaks the truth..: The Light of Night
shadow speaks the truth..: few steps toward the Sun
jimkillock: Buick Super
Dane Vandeputte: All Around the World
marfis75: Into the air: Frankfurt Main ( #cc )
ainuLIslam: Timing
Denis Moynihan: Bashful in a Wedding Dress