roba66: GERMANY, Im Herbst im Siebenmühlental bei Stuttgart, 76798
taxxon2705: myflowers
Hans Olofsson: CapeSpurfowl, or Cape Francolin /Kapfrankolin (Pternistis capensis)
johnatkins2008: Blue Tit 10/11/19.
mickb6265: Harris Hawk Touch-Down..
Ruiworld: Pardal comum | Passer domesticus | House Sparrow
romizaj: Sunrise
nickym6274: Eurasian Jay
ReiK@n: Great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus)
Gary Helm: Painted Bunting
Neotropical Pete: ANDEAN COCK-OF-THE-ROCK Rupicola peruvianus MALE Seen on Eastern Slope of Andes in ECUADOR. Cotinga Photo by Peter Wendelken.
PixelSpeaks Photography: Jim Corbett National Park
roshan41182: Refresh
PerAnd1: Wolfspider In Our Lake Highland
harshithjv: Waynad Bush Frog
grimescene: Dream of Eden
the dew on me: c'était rouge.
Fred Roe: Tending his garden
Philip Rathner: Loggerhead Shrike grabs an insect!
Yasu Torigoe: Multiphoto panoramic view of the landscape along the Altafjord, near Alta, Norway-(merge of 32 and 33)
samiatsourav: Night Life
alanc27: Low Flying Kestrel
Wicked Dark Photography: Beyond reproach
Jean-François Hic: Wilson's Warbler - Cardellina pusilla
Olivier Brosseau: Anthidie à manchette
T P Mann Photography: Morning Glow