mswan777: Lily Pads, Hess Lake
mswan777: Rocky River
mswan777: Whitcomb Tower, St. Joseph
mswan777: Plum Creek
mswan777: Wetlands
mswan777: Stairway
mswan777: Rocky River Reservation
mswan777: Flowing
mswan777: Dead Tree
mswan777: The Flats, Cleveland
mswan777: Key Tower, Cleveland
mswan777: Rivets
mswan777: Cleveland West Side Market
mswan777: Cleveland in the rain
mswan777: Alpena
mswan777: Washington Beach
mswan777: Beach Grass
mswan777: Timeless
mswan777: Choppy Seas
mswan777: Interesting clouds over the dunes
mswan777: Breaking out from behind the clouds
mswan777: Whitcomb Tower
mswan777: Hiking among the beach grass
mswan777: Waves
mswan777: Touch of Color in a Michigan forest
mswan777: Spotty Skies
mswan777: Evening Glow, Lake Michigan
mswan777: Windy day at the beach
mswan777: Leaf Study
mswan777: Beach Grass