mswan777: Posing
mswan777: Patterns in the sand
mswan777: Evening glow over Lake Michigan
mswan777: Dead Trees
mswan777: Fallen tree and leaves
mswan777: Lake Michigan Beach Grass
mswan777: Lake Michigan Shoreline
mswan777: Splash
mswan777: Driftwood Launching
mswan777: Rocky Shoreline, Lake Michigan
mswan777: End of the Day
mswan777: Lily Pads, Hess Lake
mswan777: Sand, water, and sky
mswan777: Clouds over the dunes
mswan777: Jagged Shoreline
mswan777: Grand Mere Beach
mswan777: Waves in the beach
mswan777: Driftwood in the sand
mswan777: Into the Wind
mswan777: Beach Grass
mswan777: Pathway up the dunes
mswan777: Labor Day Weekend - St. Joseph
mswan777: Remnants of waves in the sand
mswan777: Edge of Light - Explore
mswan777: Rail
mswan777: Morning on Mackinac
mswan777: Forest, Mackinac Island
mswan777: Evening along the Straits
mswan777: Returning Back to the Mainland
mswan777: Tahquamenon Falls State Park