mswan777: Grand Mere Dunes
mswan777: Follow the footprints
mswan777: Galien River
mswan777: Textured Sand
mswan777: Covered Bridge, North Olmsted
mswan777: Grand Mere Dunes
mswan777: Silhouette
mswan777: Sand Wall
mswan777: Tall Trees
mswan777: Crosswalk
mswan777: Galien Riverwalk, New Buffalo
mswan777: Grand Mere Beach
mswan777: Plum Creek, Olmsted Falls Ohio
mswan777: Roots and Rocks
mswan777: After the rain
mswan777: Canopy & Galien River Walk
mswan777: Around the curve
mswan777: Beach, Michigan City
mswan777: Covered - Explore
mswan777: Drawing circles in the sand
mswan777: In the middle
mswan777: Ready for winter
mswan777: Washington Park Beach, Michigan City
mswan777: Fallen Tree
mswan777: Autumn Leaves in Warrenn Dunes
mswan777: Weko Beach, Bridgman
mswan777: Autumn Colors
mswan777: Michigan City lighthouse
mswan777: Patterns in the sand
mswan777: Pair of Trees