mswan777: Beautiful Genga
mswan777: Natural Regional Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi
mswan777: Pontebovesecco Sunrise
mswan777: Door and Shutters Closed
mswan777: Quiet Pool
mswan777: Beautiful Pontebovesecco Italy
mswan777: Grand Mere Beach
mswan777: Stones on the river bank
mswan777: Rocky River Overlook
mswan777: Beautiful Summer Forest
mswan777: Rocky River Wetlands
mswan777: Wave Washing
mswan777: Pier wall details
mswan777: Under the shade of the tree
mswan777: Heading Out
mswan777: Shades of Lake Michigan
mswan777: Evening on the Bluff
mswan777: Skipping Stones
mswan777: 16th Hole
mswan777: Forest Clearing
mswan777: Fallen Tree
mswan777: Down the Dune
mswan777: Trunk
mswan777: The Links
mswan777: Tall Tree, Big Clouds
mswan777: Happy Fourth of July, Olmsted Twp Ohio
mswan777: Storm Front
mswan777: Ear Pod
mswan777: Grand Mere Dunes
mswan777: Submerged Pier