mswan777: Rocky Shoreline, Lake Michigan
mswan777: Dead Tree
mswan777: Raindrops on a hosta
mswan777: Inquisitive Belle
mswan777: Park Bench under a Willow
mswan777: Grand Mere Beach
mswan777: Gathered - Explore
mswan777: Roots
mswan777: Three trees
mswan777: Along the shore
mswan777: Warren Woods
mswan777: Alley
mswan777: Clearing on a cloudy day
mswan777: White Trillium
mswan777: Beautiful Lake Michigan
mswan777: Clouds
mswan777: Galien River
mswan777: Hess Lake, Baroda
mswan777: Nature’s Bridge
mswan777: Weeping Cherry
mswan777: Rainy Night in the town
mswan777: Rainy Day, Warren Woods State Park
mswan777: Springing Up
mswan777: Evening at North Lake
mswan777: Two tall trees
mswan777: Grass and fallen trees
mswan777: Rocks near Lincoln Township Beach
mswan777: Spring Beauty
mswan777: Nature’s figure 8
mswan777: Boardwalk, Weko Beach