rvk82: Blue hour
rvk82: Another beautiful morning on the east coast
rvk82: Explosion of colour - II
rvk82: Rise and shine
rvk82: Explosion of colour - I
rvk82: Happy Friday!!
rvk82: Calm before the storm
rvk82: Another new week begins
rvk82: Good morning
rvk82: Minimalist seascape photography
rvk82: Just gliding through the air
rvk82: Vedanthangal Wildlife Sanctuary
rvk82: Pazhaverkadu Wildlife Sanctuary
rvk82: Evening patrol
rvk82: Egret Series
rvk82: Hunting for its next meal
rvk82: Egret Series
rvk82: Impressive wingspan
rvk82: Hello beautiful
rvk82: The start of another new day....
rvk82: Just popping over the horizon
rvk82: Minimalist seascape photography
rvk82: Storm clouds looming
rvk82: Golden hour
rvk82: A surfers paradise
rvk82: Misty morning
rvk82: ECR Beach Sunrise
rvk82: Just before sunrise....
rvk82: On the rocks
rvk82: Ennore Rock Beach Sunrise