Insher: Mosaic Ophelia
Insher: husky parade
Insher: More violent romanticism
Insher: We'll sail the sun, we'll ride on the rain
Insher: The land of milk and honey
Insher: Padam... Padam...
Insher: Basilica di San Marco mosaics
Insher: Leoni Antonio Canova
Insher: La Bottega dei Mascareri
Insher: Out Here in the Cold
Insher: Giovanni Bellini, San Giobbe Madonna, 1487
Insher: Campiello Pisani
Insher: Accademia Gallery on Venice Empire
Insher: freschin
Insher: Simboli del Concilio
Insher: ÒE!
Insher: Memories grimace
Insher: Campo San Moisè
Insher: Come un enigma
Insher: Francesco Guardi, Nuns’ parlatory
Insher: Emerald city
Insher: Vicious circle
Insher: Duet
Insher: Chiesa di S.Polo Apostolo
Insher: Fight against time and high water
Insher: rowing boat
Insher: Fat advertisement
Insher: Another one pedestrian
Insher: Rio de S.Pantalon