Dimitil: Wish we were there now
Dimitil: The quenching of the herd's thirst at sunset Το ξεδίψασμα του κοπαδιού στο ηλιοβασίλεμα
Dimitil: Rotunda UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988
Dimitil: Στα κακοτράχαλα βουνά In the rugged mountains
Dimitil: Free grazing sheep flock panorama 4
Dimitil: A small cove after Milina at coastal Pelion mount
Dimitil: Sunset at pasturlands Ηλιοβασίλεμα στα βοσκοτόπια panorama
Dimitil: Free grazing at Lake Zaravina
Dimitil: Fishing-boat's return
Dimitil: Ασόδυο
Dimitil: Κτηνοτροφία σε λοφοπλαγιά Livestock farming on a hillside
Dimitil: Karagkouna's traditional costumes
Dimitil: Valtoudi cove large panorama
Dimitil: The shepherd and his troop
Dimitil: Traditional threshing with horses
Dimitil: Tradition continues
Dimitil: The castle of Fanari,Karditsa panorama
Dimitil: Between night and day at Mytilini's port
Dimitil: At the end of the day
Dimitil: Holy Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi (Avel)
Dimitil: Paint from Parga Ζωγραφιά από την Πάργα Panorama
Dimitil: Aoos valley at Konitsa Panorama
Dimitil: Sunrise at cove Valtoudi coastal Pelion panorama
Dimitil: Holy Church of the Holy Apostles at Molyvdoskepasto panorama
Dimitil: Traditional pastoralism
Dimitil: Cove Valtoudi a summer day in autumnal mood panorama 2
Dimitil: Μετσοβίτισσες Women from Metsovo
Dimitil: Holy Chapel of "Panagia" (Virgin Mary)
Dimitil: Καστέλι Αγ. Νικολάου Απανωμερίας
Dimitil: Monemvasia historical village