mukherjee_ab: P9210102 Oriental White-eye
KaAuenwasser: Wassertropfen
pstenzel71: Colored Leaves
Captain Nikon: Boulder Tree
mukherjee_ab: P6150060 Purple Sunbird
mukherjee_ab: P8220959 Break on through
mukherjee_ab: P9041130 Near and Far
mukherjee_ab: P9041103 A conversation
mukherjee_ab: P9190018 Their First Picnic
mukherjee_ab: P9190034 Scaly Breasted Munia
Thirsty Hrothgar: Alone but not lonely
Thirsty Hrothgar: The long way around
Ian Slingsby: IS_EOS_017365-8 Stack
pstenzel71: Autumn Colors
flashfix: Rainy Days
flashfix: Golden Glow
FangQQ: Closeup of a Maple Leaf
Masako Metz: autumn color on the Oregon coast
Garry Johns: A very cold Rain Forest stream
velodenz: Sunset Shadow Rays
milangondaphotography: Turiec region, Slovakia.
Mel Diotte: tufted titmouse
Barrie Brown LRPS: Mexican Blue Wave Myscelia ethusa Upper wing view
Kevin Povenz: Reflections.......
linimal: fogland lll
jtr27: Mount Washington, New Hampshire
Tom Guzik: Do not come any closer!
Pascal Riemann: Carnival of trees
AJFpicturestore: ‘Coming around the bend’…….