a.cheerful.texas: flower fly
a.cheerful.texas: interesting seed pods
a.cheerful.texas: white flower cluster
a.cheerful.texas: a lovely fisher spider, guarding her nursery
a.cheerful.texas: rust and lichen
a.cheerful.texas: tree nuts
a.cheerful.texas: backlit leaves
a.cheerful.texas: fresh flowers, dried flowers
a.cheerful.texas: branches and leaves against a clear blue sky
a.cheerful.texas: broken branches and drained creeks
a.cheerful.texas: purple flower and a small beetle along for the ride
a.cheerful.texas: autumn plants
a.cheerful.texas: squirrel with a treasure
a.cheerful.texas: little brushes
a.cheerful.texas: squirrel peaking over a branch
a.cheerful.texas: purple and green
a.cheerful.texas: monochrome squirrel
a.cheerful.texas: branches and blue skies
a.cheerful.texas: vulture in the park
a.cheerful.texas: the judge
a.cheerful.texas: rockscape
a.cheerful.texas: vine going red
a.cheerful.texas: steel returning to the earth
a.cheerful.texas: sharp rock
a.cheerful.texas: autumn details
a.cheerful.texas: telephone pole in golden light