rainerralph: autumn in yellow & green
rainerralph: Red´n Blue
rainerralph: autumn in blue
rainerralph: one year before - still without stains
rainerralph: The white (silver shimmering)
rainerralph: Architecture made in the Faroe Islands - Apartment house in Torshavn
rainerralph: home of a navajo (explored)
rainerralph: Walking on a wavy bridge
rainerralph: green waves
rainerralph: massive attack (concrete vs clouds)
rainerralph: The State Museum of Egyptian Art munich
rainerralph: Colourful architecture
rainerralph: the blue shimmering corridor
rainerralph: twenty six sticks (made of concrete)
rainerralph: black glass mountains
rainerralph: turn this light on!
rainerralph: 2x8 = 8+8
rainerralph: Design (this is a real object and not a pic from a pic!)
rainerralph: autumn
rainerralph: city waves &vibes
rainerralph: /I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I
rainerralph: the rose cavalier
rainerralph: Pearls without diamonds
rainerralph: The down pipe
rainerralph: massive sun protrection
rainerralph: the white one
rainerralph: Spanish heavy metal lovers
rainerralph: Scepticism