rainerralph: quite confusing
rainerralph: fanned and flown over
rainerralph: Two together (without distance)
rainerralph: pattern with blue inlays
rainerralph: relationship crisis (staged on a long bench)
rainerralph: violet
rainerralph: Bauhaus on a multi-media wall
rainerralph: Barefoot (through the summer)
rainerralph: distance
rainerralph: meet me in the lobby
rainerralph: high up along the pillars
rainerralph: bow-shaped
rainerralph: window symphony II
rainerralph: the stain (between chance and artwork)
rainerralph: window symphony I
rainerralph: Two windows and a hole
rainerralph: summertime (relax)
rainerralph: Dresden
rainerralph: from grey to white (into light)
rainerralph: zig zag (explore)
rainerralph: moonlight tower
rainerralph: Windows in blue
rainerralph: gently shaped
rainerralph: train spotting - entrance on track 4
rainerralph: Downward with high education
rainerralph: higher and higher
rainerralph: A hairy beast
rainerralph: on a misty morning
rainerralph: a stair dream made of concrete
rainerralph: train spotting