pstenzel71: Pink Asters
pstenzel71: Wet Diamonds
pstenzel71: At the Edge of the Woods
pstenzel71: Rudbeckia
pstenzel71: Forgotten
pstenzel71: View from Liske
pstenzel71: Alyssum
pstenzel71: Leaves on the Ground
pstenzel71: Entry to the Path
pstenzel71: Wild Grape Leaves
pstenzel71: Hydrangea
pstenzel71: Stacks Arising from the Mist
pstenzel71: Rose
pstenzel71: Waterdrops
pstenzel71: Late Autumn Colors
pstenzel71: Marguerite
pstenzel71: Common Spindle
pstenzel71: Into the Mist
pstenzel71: Blue Aster
pstenzel71: Networking
pstenzel71: Red Leaves
pstenzel71: Alyssum
pstenzel71: Colored Leaf
pstenzel71: Misty Afternoon
pstenzel71: White Aster
pstenzel71: Cones
pstenzel71: Trio of Birches
pstenzel71: Borage
pstenzel71: Oak Leaves
pstenzel71: Trails