surfcaster9: Snapped
surfcaster9: Early Morning
surfcaster9: Dead Oak
surfcaster9: Stand of Oak Trees
surfcaster9: Trail Marker
surfcaster9: Fungi Community
surfcaster9: Four Blue Petal Flowers
surfcaster9: All Along The Oak Branch
surfcaster9: Fungus on Oak Log
surfcaster9: Oak Trees
surfcaster9: Hallow Log
surfcaster9: Fallen Oak
surfcaster9: Oak Trees
surfcaster9: Shady Woods
surfcaster9: Old Fence Post
surfcaster9: No Room For Oaks!
surfcaster9: Old Campfire Site
surfcaster9: Florida National Scenic Trail
surfcaster9: Oak Tree Down
surfcaster9: Loose Bark
surfcaster9: Green Mouldy Dirt
surfcaster9: Scorched Pine Cones
surfcaster9: Fallen Pine Tree
surfcaster9: Quiet Woods
surfcaster9: Moldy Oak
surfcaster9: Old Pine Tree Log
surfcaster9: Pine Woods
surfcaster9: Shady Oak
surfcaster9: Pine Tree Stump