Wicked Dark Photography: Bear in silence
Der Windecker: Ostsee - Weststrand -0002-18. Februar 2015
tom-quinn: Madrone Leaf with Water Droplets on Madrone Tree Trunk
Armin Fuchs: afternoon with lamp and trees
GIGERALIEN: Sunset Trees 1
GIGERALIEN: Sunset Trees 5
dweible1109: John Heinz NWR
DOMVILL: Sunset au 15eme jour de confinement
Birgitta Sjostedt: May-flower
chachasarra: Hammingbird
mikeculley591: AY4I1465
del.hickey: IMG_1174
David S Wilson: 2020 #31
Eleanor (Stay safe everyone): Sultanas are much tastier than worms!
vebests: Hum... la gourmande !!!
Ashley1954: Learn from flowers-always angle towards the sun
Sue-10: Have you washed even your hands???😷
Iza 222: Bee 4
antonychammond: Heleniums Can Still Bring Colour and Beauty to a Late Summer Garden!
gilberteplessers: Seed rascal ....... The bird feeder filled to the brim with delicious sunflower seeds ......... which greenfinch can resist that !!
Mr. Happy Face - Peace :): Foodie Art Brunch
rafi amar: Ornate Sap-sucking - Slug Elysia ornata
Va e VIENI: Calle
snowy4052002: Day 11