athanecon: moonrise through the clouds
athanecon: sailing in the golden sea
athanecon: sounion - cloudy sunset
athanecon: Venice - Via Garibaldi
athanecon: venezia - gondolas
athanecon: winter at the gates
athanecon: Venezia - San Marco Basilica
athanecon: last light of the day
athanecon: tomorrow is another day
athanecon: Athens in the blue hour
athanecon: sailing
athanecon: feneos plateau
athanecon: the lighthouse
athanecon: cloudy city sky
athanecon: moonrise by the pillars
athanecon: Lake Doxa
athanecon: among the firs
athanecon: sailing under the rays of God
athanecon: autumn dusk at the lake
athanecon: Myrtidia- summer sunset
athanecon: Doxa lake
athanecon: red dusk
athanecon: moonset over Alimos roofs
athanecon: cape sounion
athanecon: Venice - grand canal
athanecon: running through the waves
athanecon: wathcing the waves
athanecon: church in the lake
athanecon: autumn sunset
athanecon: urban sunset