t.valilas: Pericles
t.valilas: Crazy cousins
t.valilas: Evridiki
t.valilas: Andomeda galaxy (messier-31) about 2.5 million light years away (no telescope, no star tracker)
t.valilas: Galaxial path
t.valilas: We are a grain in universe
t.valilas: Startrails on Dirfys hostel
t.valilas: New Artaki (miniature effect)
t.valilas: Black & white fishing
t.valilas: End of the day
t.valilas: RED ARROWS
t.valilas: The colours of the day
t.valilas: Twilight panorama-Nea Artaki
t.valilas: Handheld fireworks
t.valilas: Lanterns on the island of Tinos 3
t.valilas: Lanterns in the island of Tinos 2
t.valilas: Lanterns on the island of Tinos vol 1
t.valilas: Coloured mornings
t.valilas: Industrial zone
t.valilas: Epiphany 1
t.valilas: Positano
t.valilas: Steni Evia
t.valilas: Merry Christmas!
t.valilas: Dead nature in the park
t.valilas: St. Lukas little church
t.valilas: Child's innocense
t.valilas: Stormbringer
t.valilas: First time on Authentic Marathon of Athens at 10klm race
t.valilas: The Red house of Chalkis miniature effect
t.valilas: Evia Island Ports Authority