t.valilas: Church of Mother of God
t.valilas: Lanterns in the island of Tinos
t.valilas: Sunday rainbow
t.valilas: Merry Christmas to everyone!
t.valilas: Christmas games vol 1
t.valilas: After the storm...the rainbow comes
t.valilas: Lightning festival
t.valilas: Stormy nights
t.valilas: Sunset colours
t.valilas: High voltage
t.valilas: Green dove of Africa
t.valilas: Lory Domitsella
t.valilas: Macaw parrot
t.valilas: Happy 42
t.valilas: Industry startrail bulb mode
t.valilas: Sunsets of September
t.valilas: This is a man's world vol 2
t.valilas: Nea Artaki is celebrating today
t.valilas: Pericles
t.valilas: Crazy cousins
t.valilas: Evridiki
t.valilas: Andomeda galaxy (messier-31) about 2.5 million light years away (no telescope, no star tracker)
t.valilas: Galaxial path
t.valilas: We are a grain in universe
t.valilas: Startrails on Dirfys hostel
t.valilas: New Artaki (miniature effect)
t.valilas: Black & white fishing
t.valilas: End of the day
t.valilas: RED ARROWS
t.valilas: The colours of the day