Maurizio Paganin: Milano, sneakers and smartphones as far as you can see Times Square in the nineties - Explored
Michele Borgarelli: Postcards from New York #5: runner on Brookling bridge
Fränk61: Peixe - Miramar from Portugal - Rali do Fado - Larochette Luxembourg
Maksim Plotnikov: Dancing with the Wind
Varun VG: Lighthouse
Jean-Michel Priaux: Rendez-vous
Thunderbird61: Maastricht "Office-Block"
m_laRs_k: foggyDAY
Laurence Horak: _1150540
aminefassi: Promesse - Edition 2024
tylerdamb: Sunrise in the Afternoon
Davide Longosci: FB_IMG_1713548982216
boyandimov78: EOSR5626
krzycsur: Green macro 02
feliksbln: seitlich nur schlitze | berlin | 1504
Carsten Bahnsen: Säbelschnäbler / Pied avocet(Recurvirostra avosetta)
ximo rosell: Escala XII/ Stairs XII.
LH_LEV: Bluthänfling
LH_LEV: which direction?
dhungrimshaw: The search light from above
Lara.C.: The spiral staircase at the main station
.grux.: this way
Paganini_7238: PAGANINI NP 296
Stan Smucker: Morning Run
Paul McGoveran: Ruby-throated Hummingbird(F) 7165
yan08865: Nordic Legends