Linsenkit0815: working class
Linsenkit0815: winter where are you?
Linsenkit0815: foggy landscape
Linsenkit0815: yellow postboxes
Linsenkit0815: flying window
Linsenkit0815: Gangway "skywalk"
Linsenkit0815: Police boat on the Seine
Linsenkit0815: frozen waves on a lake
Linsenkit0815: light and stairwell
Linsenkit0815: folded facade
Linsenkit0815: reflection on a frozen lake
Linsenkit0815: reflection
Linsenkit0815: fields in winter
Linsenkit0815: stairwell
Linsenkit0815: Happy New Year!
Linsenkit0815: not only water flows, time flows too, wish you a nice transition to 2020!
Linsenkit0815: open structure
Linsenkit0815: reflections
Linsenkit0815: Bus station
Linsenkit0815: up and down
Linsenkit0815: Happy Xmas time
Linsenkit0815: cube berlin
Linsenkit0815: road 520 over a bridge
Linsenkit0815: parking
Linsenkit0815: Living in Berlin
Linsenkit0815: reflections
Linsenkit0815: Mountain View
Linsenkit0815: folded surface
Linsenkit0815: reflections in curved windows