Linsenkit0815: a boat is passing
Linsenkit0815: some sunspots on the sea
Linsenkit0815: elevator shaft - lost places
Linsenkit0815: downstairs
Linsenkit0815: evening light
Linsenkit0815: two ladies are cleaning signs on the road
Linsenkit0815: in the subway station
Linsenkit0815: architecture waves
Linsenkit0815: sun and clouds at Haukland Beach
Linsenkit0815: fifteen seconds low tide
Linsenkit0815: upstairs
Linsenkit0815: a bridge and a boat at night
Linsenkit0815: Merry Christmas dear flickr friends
Linsenkit0815: get on the subway
Linsenkit0815: office building at night
Linsenkit0815: Reine under clouds
Linsenkit0815: frozen water
Linsenkit0815: transition
Linsenkit0815: light and shadow
Linsenkit0815: falling water
Linsenkit0815: city lights
Linsenkit0815: in passage
Linsenkit0815: cloudy weather
Linsenkit0815: in the office building
Linsenkit0815: a couple on the way to the museum
Linsenkit0815: selfie with some visitors
Linsenkit0815: Seljalandsfoss
Linsenkit0815: balconies
Linsenkit0815: look up
Linsenkit0815: a house by the sea