Linsenkit0815: stairs II - in the box
Linsenkit0815: winter time
Linsenkit0815: window grid
Linsenkit0815: we're leaving 2020 - Happy New Year my friends -
Linsenkit0815: the light at the end of the tunnel
Linsenkit0815: Happy Christmas to all of you flickr friends!
Linsenkit0815: a small road
Linsenkit0815: the house on the river
Linsenkit0815: a bike on a wall
Linsenkit0815: reflection on a facade
Linsenkit0815: a walk in winter
Linsenkit0815: Entrance - Top of the Rock
Linsenkit0815: Metrostation 'Casa da Musica'
Linsenkit0815: a road in the mountains
Linsenkit0815: a road in the moonlight
Linsenkit0815: at night on another bridge
Linsenkit0815: at night on the bridge
Linsenkit0815: fisherman
Linsenkit0815: entrance
Linsenkit0815: Rigi-Bahn
Linsenkit0815: on the bridge
Linsenkit0815: 30 Jahre deutsche Einheit
Linsenkit0815: Lighthouse
Linsenkit0815: covering
Linsenkit0815: light and shadow