Yamabxl: Lucid dreaming ...
Yamabxl: Bleu-Blanc-Rouge
Yamabxl: Green-blue-red-yellow
Yamabxl: Man in red
Yamabxl: They all go to church?
Yamabxl: Zen attitude
Yamabxl: "go around in circles"
Yamabxl: Lines & curves
Yamabxl: Stay here, and sit down beside me.
Yamabxl: Walking over the bus !
Yamabxl: "Schieven Architek" : The largest Justice Palace in the world
Yamabxl: Bruxelles ma belle ???
Yamabxl: Volcano ?
Yamabxl: Graphic design of Calatrava
Yamabxl: Following Folon in the subway
Yamabxl: Do not subject your skin to the sun a lot !!
Yamabxl: Mosaic of containers ...
Yamabxl: Inside a leafy courtyard allows you to stay between Shadow and Light...
Yamabxl: The blue ramp
Yamabxl: Fifty Shades of Grey
Yamabxl: Béton brut
Yamabxl: hell's gates...
Yamabxl: DSCF3538
Yamabxl: Byke your city
Yamabxl: Red & blue
Yamabxl: Rainbow frontage
Yamabxl: JAWS
Yamabxl: Containers with view !!!
Yamabxl: Red and green buildings