sylviafurrer: Ice Sculptures
sylviafurrer: Sunset on Lake Sils
sylviafurrer: Beach in Evening Sun...
sylviafurrer: Playa de Benijo
sylviafurrer: View on the Alps
sylviafurrer: Golden hour on Lake Thun
sylviafurrer: Winter twilight...
sylviafurrer: Snowy mountains...
sylviafurrer: Happy New Year...
sylviafurrer: Merry Christmas...
sylviafurrer: Last Rays of Sun (Explored)
sylviafurrer: Autumn Colors
sylviafurrer: Hidden treasures of the jungle...
sylviafurrer: Amazing cloud forest... (Explored)
sylviafurrer: Golden Season
sylviafurrer: Sunrise on the Mountains (Explored)
sylviafurrer: Between Heaven and Earth (Explored)
sylviafurrer: Swallowtail
sylviafurrer: Matterhorn (Explored)
sylviafurrer: Morteratsch Glacier
sylviafurrer: Gold of Autumn
sylviafurrer: Dancing Mushrooms... (Explored)
sylviafurrer: The Mountains of Madeira... (Explored)
sylviafurrer: Summertime...
sylviafurrer: The magic of the sea... (Explored)
sylviafurrer: Sunrise in Madeira
sylviafurrer: Wildlife in Costa Rica...
sylviafurrer: Golden Beach in Costa Rica (Explored)
sylviafurrer: Bumblebee on poppy
sylviafurrer: In full bloom (Explored)