marco.lanteri: Cactus flower macro photo
Ulrich Neitzel: Golden details
Randomographer: 057.365.9 / equalized Black and white gallery 62 - photo enhanced by use of the application Easy Photo Editor version 1.75 (I am the author of this application and I am promoting it here - you can download its LITE version for free at
polykhromov: atvērts I / open I
clic.clac75: Black headed heron
Florian106: Mittagssonne
Marc703S: Book eating bunny
Spannarama: Frozen pond
Jack Blackstone (OnTheRoad): Steps, rails, door and window
acativa: Tiempo atrás
karma (Karen): flower sliding
noahbw: Formations 010
Andrew James Howe: Holyhead Voyager / Chester, Cheshire, UK
kimbenson45: Interforked
JeroBau: Nogent
Francisco (PortoPortugal): people in motion
Jim_ATL: a step in the right direction
John FotoHouse: stripped of bark II | temple newsam | leeds
Gala_driel: photographs the photographer
George Benn: Detail ......
DanÅke Carlsson: Ukiyo-e on a back door, Ube
swampzoid: haircut / barber / close up
Hidekiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!: Ume(梅)
_Veit_: Greater Scaup
FotoFling Scotland: Kilties Three