WaySayer: Abstract
James Korringa: Pastel Palette
Melinda * Young: Avocado Medley
wjosna: 404 or the slight interruption in your PP
Helena de Riquer: Escenario
No Great Hurry: Gas Light
wideness: one|one|one 045|366
c e d e r: Buddha Gala
Dirk De Paepe: Between two sales
Little Parallelograms: Wrapped tropicals
Christian Vambenette: une partie de balancoire
MMR15D: Leaning Amphora
vertblu: winter sky
noahbw: After Receding Waters 006
karma (Karen): sliding the flowers
ken mccown: Cemetery Jewish Section Monuments Sq
-sina-: Valentine’s moon
cava961: Storm is coming - Reggio Emilia - May 2017
gallyslave: Natural sculpture
Jim_ATL: dinner to go
jurek d. (Jerzy Durczak): At the station