* M i c h e l l e *: 56/365 ~ another day, another daisy
..Rini..: Rb16
Günter Hentschel: Eiskalte Bausteine
carolegauthier: Le chat noir
..Rini..: Oh, look what is this..
lad49: Coming in fora landing
CrazySnapShot: Traces of Her
gubanov77: Winter Evening in the Forest
cleeman12: Trike at Cleethorpes sea front
picPick: windsor_122
cnmark: Munich - Mute Swan
quietpurplehaze07: the snow moon
magda indigo: IN CAMERA!
pixelia2: Rainy day...
Marie du 35.: Etang de Villecartier.
ximo rosell: Escala maquillada / Decorated staircase.
doud6913: Pardon-368
Howie Mudge LRPS BPE1*: Abandoned Mercedes
CrazySnapShot: Traces of Her
Jan Jespersen: Copenhagen Light Festival
..Rini..: Tulpen
Yann Mulero: A bottle into the sea "?"
judi may: The greater your storm...
marilyntunaitis: I Had Smaller Birds In Mind For This Feeder
Fabian Fortmann: Neon in the Old Port
Anthony D Barraclough: Open Door - Is Anybody There? 705-1
Marie du 35.: Le village enneigé.
Dirk Böhling: Schönheit der Vergänglichkeit / Beauty of transience