WilliamND4: Winter Seat
WilliamND4: Casting a Shadow.
WilliamND4: The Arch
WilliamND4: Some Color for a Winter's Day. (repost)
WilliamND4: Watch out for that first step, it's a doozy.
WilliamND4: Bench Detail
WilliamND4: No One is Alone
WilliamND4: You can not give a cat a bath....
WilliamND4: Right Down the Line
WilliamND4: Shadows on the Stairs.
WilliamND4: Snowy Day for a Wedding.
WilliamND4: Shopping in Prague
WilliamND4: Cologne Cathedral Detail
WilliamND4: It Boggles the Mind
WilliamND4: Washington Square Park
WilliamND4: My favorite Butterscotch photo from 2019.
WilliamND4: On Broadway.
WilliamND4: Early in the Morning.
WilliamND4: Happy 2020!!
WilliamND4: The Gift Box
WilliamND4: Walking in Rain #2
WilliamND4: Blue Lights
WilliamND4: Stand Out From the Crowd
WilliamND4: Butterscotch Refuses to Acknowledge His Portrait on the Wall.
WilliamND4: Top of the Fence
WilliamND4: Door Detail
WilliamND4: Masterpieces.
WilliamND4: Everything is Golden.
WilliamND4: On the Kitchen Counter
WilliamND4: Happy Holidays!