WilliamND4: Cosmo.
WilliamND4: Up Close to a Yellow Scrubber.
WilliamND4: A Walk in the Snowstorm.
WilliamND4: Paper Sunflowers
WilliamND4: Shopping Carts at Big Lots.
WilliamND4: Melting "ice"
WilliamND4: Old Mill in the Snow.
WilliamND4: A Cold Landscape.
WilliamND4: Colorful Corners
WilliamND4: Bleachers After the Snow
WilliamND4: It's snowing and it's Fence Friday!
WilliamND4: Pair of Colorful Cubes
WilliamND4: Snowy day at the park.
WilliamND4: Technicolor Fragility.
WilliamND4: "Durable" Cotton Dog Toy.
WilliamND4: Old Pier
WilliamND4: The Backside of Palm Fronds.
WilliamND4: Cute as a Button.
WilliamND4: Two of a Kind
WilliamND4: Happy Holidays!
WilliamND4: Oh Christmas Tree.
WilliamND4: You Gotta Have Heart.
WilliamND4: Ribbons Make Everything More Festive.
WilliamND4: Blue Light Special
WilliamND4: Fence in the City.
WilliamND4: Christmas Market From Above.
WilliamND4: Last Christmas.
WilliamND4: Christmas Tree Abstract.
WilliamND4: Mini Bottles.
WilliamND4: Winter is Coming.