shawnjenks: Pileated Woodpecker
shawnjenks: Schools out for the Summer
shawnjenks: A special bond that can’t be broken.
shawnjenks: Indigo Bunting [ Blue ]
shawnjenks: Flower power
shawnjenks: Red Headed Woodpecker
shawnjenks: Well pick a color
shawnjenks: A beautiful morning
shawnjenks: Male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
shawnjenks: To many to count
shawnjenks: Just follow the fence to the lake
shawnjenks: New Life
shawnjenks: I’m expecting, please leave
shawnjenks: It was supposed to be squirrel proof
shawnjenks: Some for the family
shawnjenks: Feeling blue-still life
shawnjenks: Salad or Sandwich??
shawnjenks: April showers bring May flowers
shawnjenks: It’s my birthday
shawnjenks: After a quick watering
shawnjenks: Finally spring time
shawnjenks: Keeping watch while I eat
shawnjenks: Ready for planting
shawnjenks: Have a blessed Good Friday-Happy Easter
shawnjenks: Enjoying the late winter sun
shawnjenks: It’s just an outward appearance
shawnjenks: Peel-Eat-Repeat
shawnjenks: The winter blues
shawnjenks: The center is pretty too
shawnjenks: When things seem upside down!