Tim Melling: Red Grouse
The Owl Man: Wings Up Version (Common Golden Eye Duck)
@wilder_action: Shine on
Chas Moonie-Wild Photography: Imperial Eagle + Magpies
Chas Moonie-Wild Photography: Imperial Eagle juv
@wilder_action: This doner kebab has hair all over it
@wilder_action: Nature's proper chopper
flaviobergo: IMG_6471 IMG_6369 Argiope bruennichi su Deilephila cfr porcellus
SASPhotography67: Happy Hump Day 🐪…
Phil Gower Bird Photography: Dotterel (URN:1902)
martinpettinger: Longtailed Tits - 7217 SVPX
The Owl Man: Male Harlequin Duck in Flight
marylee.agnew: Snow Dancer
- ArnO -: Waiting On An Angel
m&em2009: Blue Banded Bee
ÇhяḯṧtÖρнε: Grue cendrée - Grus grus (Aragon, Espagne) 29 décembre 2022-3
Tim Melling: Fieldfare
Luis Llebrez: The snows of Klimnjaro
jcb68730: Grèbe huppé
thengoctran19: Female Hyllus Vietnam
alainclement: Common Kingfisher fishing - Martin pecheur en peche
alainclement: Short eared Owl at sunset
alainclement: First shot of 2023 - Hen Harrier
alainclement: African Fishing Eagle - Aigle pecheur