AlaskaFreezeFrame: One Of The Fox Pups From Little Red And The Little Female - A Real Beauty
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Large Bull Moose Crossing The Flooding River After A lot Of Rain
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Red Squirrel Posing On Old Fence With A Colorful Mountain Ash As The Background - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Moose Calf Nuzzling A Very Alert Mom - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Urban Red Fox Male & Its Pup - Male Was Shedding Its Winter Coat - Please View Very Large
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Coyote Hunting Voles To Feed To Its Pups - Red Elderberry Background - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Cow Moose And Calf Touching Noses - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Cow Moose Invading The Female Red Foxes Territory
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Moose Calf Trying To Do A Headstand ;-) Just Kidding!!!
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Moose Calf Just Chillin In My Sons Backyard
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Beautiful Large Interior Grizzly Bear In Fall Colors Near Savage River
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Female Red-throated Loon Posing For Me - After I Called Her Up Unto The Land To See Me - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Female Red-throated Loon As She Leaves To Go Back Into the Water
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Female Red-throated Loon Coming Out Of The Lake To See Me
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Cow Moose & Her Triplets - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Cow Moose Nursing Two Of Her Three Calves - Unusual Pose - Yes, She Has Triplets! :-)
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Her Ice Bridge Had Collapsed - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: This Was Where She had Been Crossing Before Her Ice Bridge Collased
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Looking For A Way To Cross After The River Ice Went Out
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Female Red Fox Resting In The Sun On A Snowy Slope - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Female Red Fox Standing On A Thin Ice Shelf Above Spring Run Off And Getting A Drink - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Video - Little Female Red Fox Hunting Voles
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Little Red Fox Female Drinking From An Opening In The Ice Covering The River - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Red Fox Female Sitting By One Of Her Drinking Spots
AlaskaFreezeFrame: This Is "Big Red" - He Was also Waiting For The Female To Come Out Of Her Den
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Another Shot Of "Little Red" Waiting For The Female To Come Out Of Her Den
AlaskaFreezeFrame: It Is Mating Season - This Is "Little Red" Watching The Den - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Large Bull Moose Stalking Me At Sunrise
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Little Cinnamon Phase Black Bear That I Photographed For Quite A Few Years - We Trusted Each Other
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Toklat Grizzly Wandering Through The Fall Colors On The Tundra & Giving Me The Eye - In Explore