AlaskaFreezeFrame: Bull Moose Bedded Down & Cooling Off In A Shallow Pond
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Grizzly Bear Cub Playing With A Piece Of Bark On An Old Fallen Tree
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Red-throated Loon Coming In For A Landing With Its Landing Gear Down ;-)
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Margay - Beautiful Small Spotted Wild Cat - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Beautiful Little Female Red Fox Peeking Out Of Her Den
AlaskaFreezeFrame: One More Shot Of The Otter Posing Pretty With A Small Minnow
AlaskaFreezeFrame: River Otter Laying On The Ice Next To Its Fishing Hole - What Big Feet You Have! ;-)
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Handhold Portrait Shot Of Bleeding Hearts
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Hens & Chicks Abstract
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Methane Gas Bubbles Frozen In Ice - Potter Marsh
AlaskaFreezeFrame: A Very Rare Dilute Cinnamon Phase Black Bear
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Cinnamon Phase Black Bear Posing In Bright Green Grassy Meadow
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Red Fox Up On Her Favorite Elevated Perch
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Female Red Fox Relaxing On A Downed Cottonwood Tree
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Grizzly Bear Closeup Portrait - Sable Pass - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Grizzly Bear Cub Calling For Mom
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Full Curl Dall Ram Up Close Using A 20mm Lens
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Common Loon And One Of Its Chicks
AlaskaFreezeFrame: "Diver" A Very Huge Dominate Male Brown Bear At Brooks Falls, Katmai
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Huge Dall Ram Closeup Portrait
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Huge Brown Bear Resting In The Woods On A Thick Carpet Of Moss Near Brooks Falls, Katmai - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Nice Medium Sized Bull Moose Letting Me Know It Was Time To Leave! :-)
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Little Female Red Fox Portrait Taken Before Sunrise
AlaskaFreezeFrame: The Little Female And "Big Red" Having A Conversation
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Little Female Telling "Big Red" NO! :-)
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Rare Portrait Of "Big Red" Male Red Fox With His Eyes Wide Open, So, Handsome!
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Female Red Fox Walking On Thin Freshly Frozen River Ice
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Red Fox Hunting Along The Frozen River - Lots Of Hoar Frost
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Female Red Fox Walking On Freshly Frozen River - In Explore
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Another Frame From The Series Of Shots Of The Dall Ram Running Up A Snowy Slope