ken.helal: Hummingbird Circling the Bee Balm
ken.helal: Lily Pad Lunch
ken.helal: The Kokanee Spawn Starts in 3 Weeks
ken.helal: Moose Chomping on Lily Pads
ken.helal: Cedar Waxwing
ken.helal: Bee Balm Brunch
ken.helal: Waterfall Meal
ken.helal: GBH Standing on a Flower Covered Beaver Lodge
ken.helal: Hummer Feeding Time
ken.helal: I Got the Moose Munchies
ken.helal: Bee Balm Blitz
ken.helal: Joining a Moose for a Lily Pad Meal
ken.helal: Osprey Catches a Big Kokanee. Local wildfires resulted in a smoky background thus appearing white in the image.
ken.helal: Osprey Stretch
ken.helal: Great Blue Heron Stands on a Flower-Covered Beaver Lodge
ken.helal: Moose About to Munch a Lily Pad
ken.helal: Beaver Brings Lily Pads Back to the Lodge
ken.helal: Red Kokanee caught by a White feathered osprey on a Blue background - Happy 4th of July!
ken.helal: Osprey Grabs a Fresh Kokanee
ken.helal: Great Blue Heron
ken.helal: Osprey Palming a Sunfish
ken.helal: Great Blue Heron Dissipating Heat
ken.helal: Beaver with a Lily Pad in Tow
ken.helal: 2 months till the Kokanee return!
ken.helal: Osprey Snags a Sunfish
ken.helal: GBH Fly-By
ken.helal: Great Blue Heron Fluffing
ken.helal: Autumn Bull Moose
ken.helal: Eagle Reflection
ken.helal: Bull Elk Giving Me the Side Eye Glance