magritknapp: Yellow
Leo Kramp: Haterse vennen
Christa Bronner und Wolfgang Bruchhagen: Kleine Russisch Orthodoxe Kirche
Paul_1961: _DSC5197
luporosso: Volemose bene
a.fetting: Ringfenced Church
Jabi Artaraz: Argia, itzalak eta lainoa mendian
Pete Rowbottom, Wigan, UK: A sunbathing Bear, in a hat
JBPTrains2012: Bee 1 on a Zinna
Ulrich Scharwächter: C463 Santorin
gubanov77: Abandoned Church in the Old Cemetery
marjanrad: Your love stays with me! (Gataway) Close to the edge
JoeGarity: Remember the poor, homeless, income-less...
wingerjohanne: I don't see so many kids out playing these days. They are with their parents, and many of them make food on beach and have a nice time. I would like to see kids play, and they will. Soon, - I hope.
deepa96: Berries
cnmark: Munich - A99, Neuherberg
maczeug2: Happy Easter! / Frohe Ostern!
Andi Fritzsch: Morgens im Wald
jmlpyt (fr): Sur les pas des anciens douaniers de Saint-Cyr-Sur-Mer à Bandol -3D0A0576
Vest der ute: Stillnes
Fnikos: Bromelia
Bob Geilings: Peek a Boo
John Weaver13: Blossoms for Easter
Ivan Mæland: Eurasian nuthatch (Sitta europaea)