JoeGarity: Sunset on 14th Street at New York’s Union Square
JoeGarity: The Empire State Building
JoeGarity: Grand Central Station
JoeGarity: In Manhattan (FlickrFriday dance)
JoeGarity: Tree water…. nature in the city?
JoeGarity: The Sheep Meadow in Central Park. Sheep actually grazed here until the 1930’s.
JoeGarity: St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Midtown Manhattan
JoeGarity: The Great Lawn in Central Park. In September 1980, me and 300,000 people enjoyed a fantastic Elton John concert on this lawn.
JoeGarity: The Chrysler Building at night
JoeGarity: Hotel on 8th Avenue
JoeGarity: 30 Rockefeller Center. Completed in 1933, 66 stories, 850 feet (260 m), architect Raymond Hood.
JoeGarity: Sunset light
JoeGarity: We’ll be together soon
JoeGarity: Night falls on Bush Street
JoeGarity: Legs
JoeGarity: Colors from the stained glass on the floor in front of the St. Francis statue in Grace Cathedral
JoeGarity: The Blue Angels flying over San Francisco today (with a bit of Coit Tower in the lower left).
JoeGarity: Dolores Park on a sunny afternoon in San Francisco
JoeGarity: On Market Street
JoeGarity: Clouds rolling in last night
JoeGarity: California Street tonight
JoeGarity: Time machine
JoeGarity: Sunset in the city. The building in the distance with the spires is a church, Trinity/St. Peter’s, built in 1892.
JoeGarity: San Francisco Bay this afternoon
JoeGarity: Mission Street reflections
JoeGarity: I’m in love with this staircase
JoeGarity: Here comes the train
JoeGarity: View from a cemetery
JoeGarity: Salesforce Tower reflected
JoeGarity: In a museum