JoeGarity: The geometry of traffic lines
JoeGarity: San Francisco Bay this afternoon
JoeGarity: An eagle taking the knee at the Ferry Building
JoeGarity: The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge
JoeGarity: Second Street sun
JoeGarity: Market Street
JoeGarity: In Chinatown
JoeGarity: A Christmas tree waiting for a bus
JoeGarity: Coit Tower, North Beach, San Francisco
JoeGarity: Shadows downtown
JoeGarity: The fog this morning, almost clinging to the buildings and the streets as it slowly burns off
JoeGarity: Sunset comes to the top of the hill first
JoeGarity: A moment of tranquility in a crazy time
JoeGarity: This afternoon
JoeGarity: Just relaxing in the bay
JoeGarity: An overcast winter day
JoeGarity: City park
JoeGarity: Jet flying over San Francisco this afternoon (probably from SFO).
JoeGarity: Market Street shadows
JoeGarity: Sunset light on Market Street
JoeGarity: To get away from all the things happening on the news yesterday, I walked down to the bay.
JoeGarity: Winter, downtown
JoeGarity: Union Square as dusk falls
JoeGarity: After the rain
JoeGarity: San Francisco noir
JoeGarity: Through a glass ceiling
JoeGarity: It was a dark and rainy night.....
JoeGarity: Embarcadero Center
JoeGarity: Sunset in the city (last sunset of 2020).
JoeGarity: Night falls on the last day of 2020.