JoeGarity: Streetcar from Blackpool, England, 1934. Part of San Francisco’s MUNI Heritage Weekend.
JoeGarity: Cable car climbing California Street (notice “street” is the only word in that sentence that doesn’t start with the letter “c”?)
JoeGarity: A bar on Geary Street
JoeGarity: In Star of the Sea Catholic Church (FlickrFriday Shrine)
JoeGarity: A smoky Wednesday morning in San Francisco.
JoeGarity: The fog rolling in over California Street
JoeGarity: In a park downtown
JoeGarity: St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, San Francisco
JoeGarity: In Bloomingdales
JoeGarity: The Transamerica Pyramid
JoeGarity: Another view from The Transamerica Pyramid
JoeGarity: The view from the 37th floor of the Transamerica Pyramid, looking towards North Beach. Notice the Pyramid’s shadow in the bottom center.
JoeGarity: Nob Hill, with the Bank of America Building slipping into the fog
JoeGarity: In a museum
JoeGarity: San Quentin State Prison
JoeGarity: San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral lighting up the fog tonight
JoeGarity: Ocean Beach, San Francisco, this evening at 6pm
JoeGarity: On The Embarcadero
JoeGarity: In the Crocker Galleria
JoeGarity: Dogs hanging out around Claes Oldenburg’s “Cupid’s Span” on The Embarcadero
JoeGarity: Walking along The Embarcadero this afternoon
JoeGarity: Sunday evening light
JoeGarity: In Portsmouth Square
JoeGarity: In San Francisco’s North Beach
JoeGarity: Union Square in Bloom
JoeGarity: Clouds over San Francisco Bay this afternoon
JoeGarity: Market Street, about 6:30 this evening
JoeGarity: Climbing the stairs yet again
JoeGarity: In the Public Library