wingerjohanne: The Ducksons were out hiking. I don't know where they were going, but they looked happy, so maybe they were going on a summer holiday. I'll ask them next time I see them.
wingerjohanne: It was raining. The water covered the windows, and I didn't see the world so clearly. Maybe this is what it actually looks like? I don't think so. But right then it did.
wingerjohanne: The sun was shining this day. It was very hot, and I had a soda. I don't like Farris no matter how often they tell me that I should. Cheers!
wingerjohanne: This is where I sit when I don't stand upright or walk. I really do love it there. It' is at Røed, and I go there as often as I can. Maybe today too. If it doesn't rain...
wingerjohanne: A path i once followed. It was hard to walk there, but easy to get down from. That happened very fast indeed. So much to stumble in there. It went well..
wingerjohanne: Vulcanic landscape at jeløya. it is so nice to walk there and watch the colors on all the rocks I saw there. The landscape is special. I wonder what it looked like there millions of years ago. .
wingerjohanne: I am waiting for the sheep to come here. - Or maybe not. it will be the last place where they can enjoy fresh grass. Then they will be gone again. I think it is so sad. .
wingerjohanne: The lonely duck with its only kid. A brave mother. I felt so sorry for them. I still do.
wingerjohanne: The sky changed colors. It got darker, windy and then the rain came. Today it looks so much better. Thank you for that. Summer is back,- I think.
wingerjohanne: This was yesterday. It was raining, and it still rains. It's dark and cold, and I miss the warm days so much. Is summer over already? I didn't see it at Alby.
wingerjohanne: Some flowers that I have in the garden. They look so tender. I feed them every day. Today the rain takes care of that. Jepp.
wingerjohanne: I like this fence at Alby. There are often horses there. Then i like the place so much better. They are on holiday now. The horses, I mean. They will come back again.
wingerjohanne: I am still at Jeløya. We've got thunder today, so I better turn the computer of. I hope it will go away. But we need the rain. I had planned long a hike today. Maybe tomorrow then.
wingerjohanne: It was a pier here once. This is what's left of it. They should remove it. - Or maybe it is another memory of the old days that no one is allowed to touch, except a seagull.
wingerjohanne: These flowers are hanging near the door bell. They check everyone that comes and goes. In days like these that is not many, so they are rather bored, They are called petunia.
wingerjohanne: At Tronvik I saw a duck with just one kid. They followed me as I walked close to the fjord. I wonder why. Had a drama taken place? I don't hope so.
wingerjohanne: The old house at Augustenborg is now being fixed. That is so sad. I I was supposed to move in there one day. But now it will cost millions. I am not willing to pay that much. Just kidding.
wingerjohanne: I was at Neasparken to take pictures of the swans that live there. I didn't see them. Maybe swans don't like rainy weather. I don't do that either, so I understand them so well.
wingerjohanne: They didn't seem so happy. I wonder why. I will never get to know. I had never seen them before, and I guess I will never see them again. But I hope they are happy.
wingerjohanne: This flower brightened up my veranda for about one week. It was nice to have it there. it lasted one week. Then it went to flower heaven. Tull og tøys med blomstene i år. Uff..
wingerjohanne: It is so hot here, so people hurry to the sea. Then I walk in the opposite direction. I understand them so well. I haven't been in the water yet. But they say it is nice. Maybe today or another day..
wingerjohanne: The field is ready and waiting tfor the sheep What's sad is that there is no shadows for them. Sheep wear wool. It will be very hot for them. Yesterday we had 32+. I really do hope it will change..
wingerjohanne: There are flowers up on the mountains too. I saw these at Stahlsberget, and they looked so small and tender. I guess they were. I didn't do anything to find out.
wingerjohanne: I was sittting having a smoothie when I noticed that the trees looked like a frame around the landscape behind. I liked that. I also liked the smoothie a lot.
wingerjohanne: Nothing falls unless it has to, one man once said. I guess he is right about that. But then a lot of trees have fallen during the last years. I don't like that. This tree must have been wondeful when it was standing upright.. ..
wingerjohanne: I don't understand this buddy thing. I need to go to school. Life is hard:-)
wingerjohanne: I was on th beach. No, I didn't swim. There were too many rocks out there. I could hurt myself. I am so thankful for every excuse I find. The place is called Teibern. Have you every been there?
wingerjohanne: Soon sheep will be back behind the fence. I don't like that. After a while they will be gone again, and I know where to. But I know they will like all the green grass while they are here.
wingerjohanne: I was on Rødsåsen again. It's nice to walk there, and I like the view. It is Horten and the Oslofjord you see in the background. I haven't been to Horten in years. Maybe I should go there one day?
wingerjohanne: Yesterday I didn't do much. That was lovely. I sat still for anhour or so. I just sat there and looked at the bush in front of me. What a lazy and wonderful day that was..