trine.syvertsen: Berlin sky & citymix
trine.syvertsen: Abandoned house. Asker, Norway
trine.syvertsen: A perfectly shaped island in the sunset
trine.syvertsen: Norwegian wood. Nordic embassy, Berlin
trine.syvertsen: Oslo: functionalist facades
trine.syvertsen: Cloud reflection. Hvaler, Norway
trine.syvertsen: The sea rescue station. Hvaler, Norway
trine.syvertsen: Berlin. So far from the sea.
trine.syvertsen: Abandoned. Dikemark. Former mental hospital.
trine.syvertsen: Dikemark. Former mental hospital. Norway
trine.syvertsen: Summer night & guy having a cigarette
trine.syvertsen: Berlin street art & flower pot
trine.syvertsen: Harbour house, Skjærhalden, Hvaler
trine.syvertsen: Ferry dock at night. Skjærhalden. Hvaler.
trine.syvertsen: Freie Universiät. Berlin
trine.syvertsen: Purple sky. Berlin.
trine.syvertsen: Oslo by night
trine.syvertsen: Oslo Opera House. View from the roof.
trine.syvertsen: Busy night. Connecticut Ave, Washington DC
trine.syvertsen: Abandoned highway. Florida, US.
trine.syvertsen: Taking pictures of the White House. Washington DC
trine.syvertsen: The smallest post office in the USA
trine.syvertsen: Spiral staircase down from the loft in Oslo
trine.syvertsen: Electric sunset. Hvaler. Norway.
trine.syvertsen: Kreutzberg. Berlin.
trine.syvertsen: Reflection. Abandoned house, Norway.
trine.syvertsen: The Opera crowd leaving. Oslo, Norway.
trine.syvertsen: Shiny scooter on a rainy evening. Berlin.
trine.syvertsen: Blue hour at the seaside. Hvaler, Norway
trine.syvertsen: Grain storage and slaveholder building. Akershus fortress.