trine.syvertsen: Cross-country skiing. Tuddal, Norway.
trine.syvertsen: With the sign "Mountain of love" I say: Happy New Year and best wishes for 2021!
trine.syvertsen: The King´s Castle in fog and snow. Oslo, Norway
trine.syvertsen: Winter riptide. Hvaler, Norway. In explore.
trine.syvertsen: Stairway to heaven 😀 Oslo, Akerselva.
trine.syvertsen: Dark days in the city, longing for snow and light
trine.syvertsen: Ålesund harbour, a favourite
trine.syvertsen: Kiters at Ørekroken. Hvaler, Norway.
trine.syvertsen: Oslo. Norway. Akerselva walking route.
trine.syvertsen: Sunset. Ålesund. Norway. In Explore
trine.syvertsen: Ålesund by night. Norway
trine.syvertsen: The rainbow, the rain and the sun. Hvaler, Norway.
trine.syvertsen: Ålesund city harbour, Norway
trine.syvertsen: Sunset. Ålesund, Norway
trine.syvertsen: Kayaks in Ålesund, Norway
trine.syvertsen: Reflections. Ålesund, Norway. In Explore
trine.syvertsen: Ålesund city harbour, Norway
trine.syvertsen: Rooftops of Ålesund, Norway
trine.syvertsen: A farewell to winter. Welcome spring!
trine.syvertsen: Late winter. Iungsdalen, Norway.
trine.syvertsen: Light at the end of the tunnel? Everything is closing down in Oslo, but we can still go for a walk.
trine.syvertsen: A grey winter day. Norway
trine.syvertsen: Houses of Schöneberg. Berlin
trine.syvertsen: Berlin architecture. Schöneberg
trine.syvertsen: Bubble house. Schöneberg. Berlin
trine.syvertsen: Schloss Sans Souci. Potsdam. Germany
trine.syvertsen: Hvaler kirke. Kirkeøy, Hvaler. Norway.
trine.syvertsen: Copenhagen by night. Neon reflections.
trine.syvertsen: The kayaker. Waiting for summer by the frozen sea.
trine.syvertsen: A spot of colour. Kalvøya. Norway