Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region: Gifford Pinchot National Forest, pre-1980 eruption Mt St Helens
bud_marschner: Northern Hawk Owl_5R4A5617
Wizard CG: It’s hard to be a bright light in a dim world.
JWagnonPhotography: Fog on the River
mikerhicks: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
reinaroundtheglobe: Zabriskie Point | Death valley
sunrisesoup: Anna's Nest X | Seattle WA
Giuseppe Cocchieri: _DSC1638-1
Ian McGill On/Off for a while: Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)
Penny Hyde: Fuzzy Face
dr_sequoia: The Willow Paints the Wind #3
Carl Terlak: Alp forest
Virginia Rivers: Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodius) with frog prey
Gary Randall: Tentacles
Trey Ratcliff: The Caged Buddhas Look Outward Towards the Sunrise
bodiegroup: Life and death in the desert
Christie : Colour & Light Collection: THE TWINKLE IN AUTUMN'S EYE - SOUTH CARIBOO REGION, BC
Christie : Colour & Light Collection: Lakeside Cariboo Storm - British Columbia
dgarridosan: Colorful carpet, Lions Lookout, Huntsville, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
dgarridosan: Little cascade in the stream, Navacerrada, Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, Madrid, Spain
albert dros: A Rainy Evening in Amersfoort
jt893x: Blue Jay
moonjazz: Stormy sky over Desert Mountains
EOSXTi: Winter Sunset
bodiegroup: Deschutes National Forest
Markus Preiser: Streifengans // bar-headed goose
Gary Randall: Softly Flowing Forest
tmalinski: Oscillation
bud_marschner: Downy Woodpecker_5R4A8529