philippe_lhote: bonjour printemps!
philippe_lhote: Inséparable de Fischer
philippe_lhote: The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it
philippe_lhote: lone rider
philippe_lhote: idées noires (dark thoughts)
philippe_lhote: Manhattan waterscape
philippe_lhote: high way to downtown
philippe_lhote: Ara hyacinthe, portrait
philippe_lhote: the dreamer
philippe_lhote: hivernale vosgienne
philippe_lhote: et au milieu coule un ruisseau
philippe_lhote: light & shade
philippe_lhote: Göteborg feskekôrka
philippe_lhote: lémurien maki-catta
philippe_lhote: Stockholm Solna Centrum stairway
philippe_lhote: sur un arbre perché
philippe_lhote: Lara & Galah
philippe_lhote: d'or et d'argent
philippe_lhote: loup canadien
philippe_lhote: pygargue de Steller
philippe_lhote: grenouille repérée !
philippe_lhote: night work
philippe_lhote: buse variable
philippe_lhote: pink twins
philippe_lhote: la petite Venise
philippe_lhote: squatter
philippe_lhote: héron pourpré, portrait
philippe_lhote: fifty shades of brown
philippe_lhote: love story
philippe_lhote: flamant immature