((((((())))))): The sun shines through the plants at Costa Maya. Mexico is beautiful.
((((((())))))): hammock at the beach hut
((((((())))))): Maya Chan Beach
((((((())))))): plants and flowers at Maya Chan Beach
((((((())))))): flowers at Maya Chan Beach
((((((())))))): Caribbean Sea
((((((())))))): Gulf of Mexico
((((((())))))): the cloud wall and the sunset
((((((())))))): sunset in the Gulf of Mexico
((((((())))))): Vamos a México
((((((())))))): ...the fog settles in the gorge after the sunset...
((((((())))))): Anthony and the gorge.
((((((())))))): May 26th, 2019 - Red River Gorge
((((((())))))): At the end of the hike I'm exhausted but relaxed.
((((((())))))): Kevin and Anna relaxing at the end of the hike. I love hiking with these two.
((((((())))))): A bridge over Big Creek.
((((((())))))): relaxing at Big Creek
((((((())))))): The end of the hike and a great place to swim...Big Creek
((((((())))))): hiking down Baxter Creek
((((((())))))): Baxter Creek Trail
((((((())))))): ...hiking down the mountain...
((((((())))))): Kevin filters water at a creek crossing.
((((((())))))): The sun shines through the canopy.
((((((())))))): Hiking through a rhododendron tunnel.
((((((())))))): Kevin on the trail.
((((((())))))): Rhododendron flower
((((((())))))): Anna on the trail....the forest is dense...
((((((())))))): snake on the trail
((((((())))))): The next morning we hiked down the mountain..
((((((())))))): sunrise over the mountains