((((((())))))): Cumberland River at golden hour.
((((((())))))): ...golden hour begins...
((((((())))))): Camping on the Cumberland River.
((((((())))))): A crack in the rock.
((((((())))))): ...hiking the Blue Heron Loop Trail.
((((((())))))): Blue Heron Loop Trail
((((((())))))): Cumberland River vista
((((((())))))): Kevin and Anna on the Blue Heron Loop Trail.
((((((())))))): Devil's Jump and I.
((((((())))))): Anna at Devil's Jump.
((((((())))))): Devil's Jump
((((((())))))): Sunset bike ride.
((((((())))))): Cycling over the Ohio River
((((((())))))): Frank and a bicycle.
((((((())))))): Dauphin Island
((((((())))))): Renee on the beach.
((((((())))))): Dauphin Island
((((((())))))): A flower on the beach.
((((((())))))): A day at Dauphin Island...
((((((())))))): Leaving the beach. It was a nice day.
((((((())))))): Sunset over the water.
((((((())))))): The sunset on October 16th, 2020.
((((((())))))): Jordan on the sandbar. Taking pictures of the sunset.
((((((())))))): A beach sunset.
((((((())))))): ...golden hour...
((((((())))))): golden hour begins...
((((((())))))): Relaxing next to the dune.
((((((())))))): The sun shines bright on the beach.
((((((())))))): Renee and Jordan relax in the sun.
((((((())))))): We had the beach to ourselves. It was nice sitting by this dune.