Jambo Jambo: Dopo la pioggia torna il sereno - After the rain the calm returns
Penny Hyde: Zo, Paw-ndering Her Next Move
WildImages: Lioness crossing flooded Fisher's Pan 05890-13308
andy_harris62: Lion at dawn
hvhe1: Looks like mornin' in your eyes..
Gladys Klip: Eekhoorn / red squirrel / écureuil
MukeshPhoto: I am coming for you!
hasham2: Model headshot
gaudreaujean-francois: Snowy owl ( Harfang des neiges )
gerdavs: Long-tailed Widowbird in flight
diana_robinson: Wind blowing the silky breeding plumage of a nesting Great Egret at Audubon Venice Rookery, Venice, Florida
Ian N. White: Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)
stefano steff romei: nothing compares to you
Ania Tuzel Photography: Showing off Those Breeding Colors
Willievs: Brown Snake Eagle in flight
ilana.block: Maasai Mara Cheetah and cubs!
T@hir'S Photography: Eurasian spoonbill
Willievs: Leopardess closeup
rldrummond: Australian Swamphen - Geelong, Victoria
Gladys Klip: Ijsvogel / King fisher / Martin pêcheur
loryxxyy: _R129133-06
Brian Calder: Grey Heron
Arshad Aashraf: Himalayan Black Bulbul
Rob & Amy Lavoie: Hummingbird screen grab
Awais Ali Sheikh: Wildlife Of Pakistan
Ania Tuzel Photography: Ruffles at Sunset
tickspics: Prowling
mnreddy9: D5M_4092