andy_harris62: Waxwing
andy_harris62: Sparrowhawk - garden predator
andy_harris62: Incoming Sparrowhawk
andy_harris62: Sparrowhawk - garden hunter
andy_harris62: Winter Shortie farewells
andy_harris62: Froggy spa day at the infinity pool
andy_harris62: New Zealand Fur Seal
andy_harris62: Grey Whale fluke
andy_harris62: Frog Kaleidoscope
andy_harris62: Sparrowhawk ballet
andy_harris62: Salvin's Albatross
andy_harris62: Albatross at Dawn - Southern Ocean
andy_harris62: Star of the year
andy_harris62: Predator, prey and pursuit
andy_harris62: Eyes right!
andy_harris62: Sparrowhawk
andy_harris62: Soggy Owl on a wonky post
andy_harris62: Look into my eyes!
andy_harris62: The Long and the Short of it!
andy_harris62: Long-eared Owl
andy_harris62: Shortie incoming!
andy_harris62: A blur of feather talons and wings
andy_harris62: Short-eared Owl on Uist
andy_harris62: Shortie juv flies close
andy_harris62: Shortie over a loch
andy_harris62: Breakfast is served
andy_harris62: Short-eared Owl on Uist
andy_harris62: Feeding the giant on a wire
andy_harris62: Short-eared Owl in flight
andy_harris62: Hummingbird Hawk Moth