ilana.block: Roseate Spoonbills, Peaceful Waters
ilana.block: Silhouette of an anhinga and fish with the sunset sky reflecting in the water.
ilana.block: Red Fox in the Snow
ilana.block: "Artistic" blur of a bird in flight
ilana.block: Great Blue Herons Courtship
ilana.block: Roseate Spoonbill Encounter
ilana.block: Catch of the Day
ilana.block: Bald Eagle with breakfast!
ilana.block: Majestic Eagle with fish
ilana.block: peaceful soul
ilana.block: Majestic pose
ilana.block: Tranquility
ilana.block: Monarch in flight
ilana.block: Sweet baby tern protected by parent
ilana.block: Oyster Catcher Preening
ilana.block: Oyster Catcher feeding baby
ilana.block: Cozy and safe.
ilana.block: Common tern feeding its baby
ilana.block: Some call it fight club, but I like to call it Black Skimmers Dancing
ilana.block: Baby Tern down by the water
ilana.block: Terns dancing at sunset
ilana.block: Baby common tern stuck in a sandstorm-the craziest part was that I was out shooting in a sandstorm!
ilana.block: Sand Partridge
ilana.block: Spanish Sparrow discussion
ilana.block: Thirsty Sand Grouse
ilana.block: Rock Hyrex - love these little guys!
ilana.block: Juvenile short toed Eagle scratching mid flight
ilana.block: Bee Eaters
ilana.block: Common Kestrel Love
ilana.block: White stork peekaboo