Willievs: Pink-backed Pelican with catch
Willievs: Kalahari Sand Snake
Willievs: Lion cub in first light
Willievs: The bloodiest face I have ever seen
Willievs: Long-crested Eagle
Willievs: Snack time (still)!
Willievs: Snack time!
Willievs: Say no more...
Willievs: Cheetah cub calling (video clip)
Willievs: Cheetah cub calling
Willievs: Patterns
Willievs: Covering all angles
Willievs: Black-shouldered Kite
Willievs: When umbrellas are hard to come by ...
Willievs: Not to worry...
Willievs: Blue and Yellow again
Willievs: Yellow and Blue
Willievs: Leaving nothing to chance
Willievs: Cheetah cub portrait
Willievs: Flying springbok
Willievs: Cheetah sub-adult cubs
Willievs: Cheetah chase
Willievs: Black-shouldered Kite in flight
Willievs: Brown Snake Eagle
Willievs: Cheetah mother after a meal
Willievs: Go play with your own size!
Willievs: Cheetah at full speed
Willievs: "Cat"-fight!
Willievs: Plum-coloured starling
Willievs: Pale Chanting Goshawk (juvenile) taking off