ronniemillpool43: The four remaining Chestnut Teal Ducklings resting this morning they are growing.
ronniemillpool43: Chestnut Teal Dad with his four remaining babies.
ronniemillpool43: Australian Raven waiting to be fed, these have white eyes once mature.
Kathryn Louise18: Breathe, relax and enjoy this moment.
Ro Cafe: Oops!!!
Ro Cafe: On Fire
Ro Cafe: Lunchtime
claudeallaert: Cute Little Guy
claudeallaert: Dinning in Almonte
claudeallaert: Little Orange Flower
claudeallaert: Black Capped Chickadee
loveexploring: Alpine toadflax- Linaria alpina
loveexploring: Aquilegia vulgaris- European columbine, Common Columbine
loveexploring: Pyrenean fritillary- Fritillaria pyrenaica
loveexploring: Pukekura Park
loveexploring: Pterostylis banksii- Tutukiwi
hey its k: Taking in the Sunrise
hey its k: "Afternoon Tea"
hey its k: Northern Flicker
hey its k: Northern Parula
Katrina Wright: Creepy Abstract in Driftwood
Katrina Wright: The Cover-up
Katrina Wright: Double Glazing?
cindiefearnall: Knechtel Mill
cindiefearnall: Out of the Blue