jchau1731: Simply beautiful
jchau1731: Bring on the Sunshine
jchau1731: Dazzling Dahlias
jchau1731: Delightful Dahlia
jchau1731: “Life is made up of light and shadow.”
jchau1731: These trees look beautiful even though they lost their leaves in winter.
jchau1731: Waiting for Spring
jchau1731: Purple Sunset
jchau1731: Solitude
jchau1731: Today’s Sunset
jchau1731: "We all have bad days, but one thing is true; no cloud is so dark that the sun can't shine through."
jchau1731: “Reflection and learning are lifelong processes.”
jchau1731: A Little Sunshine for the Snow Day
jchau1731: Squirrel
jchau1731: I love the soft pastel colors of yesterday’s sunset
jchau1731: Winter Sunsets
jchau1731: Tulips
jchau1731: Pathos Plant
jchau1731: Sunny Friday
jchau1731: Purple Tulips
jchau1731: “Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.”
jchau1731: Life is colorful.
jchau1731: Dream Purple
jchau1731: Sunny Flowers
jchau1731: Pretty in Pink
jchau1731: Enchanting Tulips
jchau1731: Wildflowers behind my backyard
jchau1731: Yesterday’s twilight
jchau1731: Winter walk in my neighborhood trail
jchau1731: Summer atmosphere at Boston Public Garden