sherrihendricks98: Planning A Sneak Attack From Above
sherrihendricks98: Watching The Dragonflies
sherrihendricks98: Snowies Marching
sherrihendricks98: Little Blue In The Mirror
sherrihendricks98: Little Blue Getting A Better View
sherrihendricks98: "I'm surrounded by spiders!"
sherrihendricks98: Yellow Shoes Landing
sherrihendricks98: Always Pick The Middle One
sherrihendricks98: Sunny Spot To Land
sherrihendricks98: Double Buzz
sherrihendricks98: Fuzzy Resting Spot
sherrihendricks98: Stuck In The Up Position
sherrihendricks98: "Get this side, it's better..."
sherrihendricks98: Bugs For The Babies
sherrihendricks98: Red, White, & Blue In A Sea Of Green
sherrihendricks98: Quiet Moment Without The Kids
sherrihendricks98: First He Terns This Way & Then He Terns That Way
sherrihendricks98: Hungry Snowy
sherrihendricks98: Dropped In To Say Hello
sherrihendricks98: Waiting On Mom
sherrihendricks98: Jumior Caught A Bug
sherrihendricks98: "Wonder what's in here...?"
sherrihendricks98: "Have you seen my mom?"
sherrihendricks98: Perfect Platform
sherrihendricks98: You da bird Fred, you da bird! Good job!
sherrihendricks98: Post Duckweed Drip
sherrihendricks98: "I am the eye in the sky, looking at you. I can read your mind."
sherrihendricks98: "How come y'all keep trying to take my picture?"