iain.davidson100: 37 Inyaluk Hill stitch from Nikon
iain.davidson100: 36 Inyaluk from The Arts Centre Gunbalayana 20240723_100536
iain.davidson100: 35 Interesting rock DSC_0199
iain.davidson100: 34 Mountain north of first magnificent site
iain.davidson100: 33 A great place for lunch in Kakadu 20240721_121813
iain.davidson100: 32 Turkeybush flowers DSC_0077
iain.davidson100: 31 Little wetland in Kakadu DSC_0074
iain.davidson100: 30 Toilet at Edith Falls DSC_0065
iain.davidson100: 29 Edith Falls north of Katherine DSC_0062
iain.davidson100: 28 Katherine Street Art DSC_0055
iain.davidson100: 27 Jesus loves nachos bridge Katherine cropped DSC_0059
iain.davidson100: 26 A wonderful bird is the pelican the sun shines through its beak cropped DSC_0074
iain.davidson100: 25 Ptilotus or Mulla Mulla flowers at water tank Mount Isa DSC_0048
iain.davidson100: 24 Sculpture in Mt Isa Park 20240716_104211
iain.davidson100: 24 Flying Pelican DSC_0064
iain.davidson100: 23 Apostle Bird at Mataranka 20240718_122540
iain.davidson100: 22 Mount Isa mine, now sadly part of Glencore 20240716_125921
iain.davidson100: 21 Flying Pelicans at Attack Creek where Stuart turned around on his first 'crossing' cropped DSC_0071
iain.davidson100: 20 The fighting Goannas made of road works signs at the Barkly Homestead 20240717_122622
iain.davidson100: 19 Barkly Tablelands DSC_0056
iain.davidson100: 18 Mt Isa Carandotta Horses and Mine chimney cropped DSC_0051
iain.davidson100: 17 Mural at new Park in Mt Isa 20240716_123528
iain.davidson100: 17 Bush tomato with oof flowers DSC_0038
iain.davidson100: 15 Signatures around the bar at Blue Heeler Hotel, Kynuna DSC_0037
iain.davidson100: 14 Dinosaur art in Winton DSC_0035
iain.davidson100: 13 Thallon fettlers DSC_0002
iain.davidson100: 12 Smiley Painting through Meleleucas at Augathella 20240714_095835
iain.davidson100: 11 Diggers playing two-up in Longreach DSC_0029
iain.davidson100: 10 Clancy of the Overflow Pub in Isisford DSC_0012
iain.davidson100: 09 The big Yellowbelly ar IsisFord DSC_0018