iain.davidson100: 7147 a venerable tree P1190063
iain.davidson100: 7146 A rainforest in one tree P1190062
iain.davidson100: 7145 An array of Queenslanders P1190061
iain.davidson100: 7144 Art and exercise below the cliffs P1180955
iain.davidson100: 7143 links to the shore P1180939
iain.davidson100: 7142 Customs House P1180944
iain.davidson100: 7141 Kangaroo Point art above climbing cliffs P1180953
iain.davidson100: 7140 Hanging by a thread P1180966
iain.davidson100: 7139 Ibis rules the roost 20190720_102452
iain.davidson100: 7138 That arch P1190004
iain.davidson100: 7137 A grand old Queenslander P1180956
iain.davidson100: 7136 Kayaks huddled together P1180951 (2)
iain.davidson100: 7135 The moon and Mars SC_0003 (2)
iain.davidson100: 7134 Another painted lights box 20190717_100947
iain.davidson100: 7133 UQ Advanced Engineering 20190717_113350 (2)
iain.davidson100: 7132 Barber shop evolution 20190717_091956
iain.davidson100: 7131 ready to carry on building P1190047
iain.davidson100: 7130 Droopy fruits in the evening light P1190014
iain.davidson100: 7129 Gymea Lilly auto level P1190034
iain.davidson100: 7128 Evening light on the sandstone of the tide marker P1190012 (2)
iain.davidson100: 7127 Lorikeet in those red flowers 2 P1180980
iain.davidson100: 7126 early dawn light P1190046
iain.davidson100: 7125 Haughton and Co wool store P1190043 (2)
iain.davidson100: 7124 Range brewery beers and nuts 20190710_164626
iain.davidson100: 7123 a gift perhaps P1190042
iain.davidson100: 7122 Range brewery 20190710_164109
iain.davidson100: 7121 Newstead Park, long shadows P1190010
iain.davidson100: 7120 Sunset from balcony 20190712_173245
iain.davidson100: 7119 orange reflections P1190019
iain.davidson100: 7118 Newstead house in the evening light P1190008