gotan-da: the beauty
g*s*c: do a little dance
Paid My Dues: Porto Portugal_0054a
Paid My Dues: Porto Portugal_0055a
little_stephy0925: Sunset by Youself
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ClaudeFiset: Osoyoos Waterfront - heading out for another adventure. / Partir pour une autre aventure.
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little_stephy0925: The Unreachable...
Doctor Kibble: My Nephew's first ever Common, and Mirror carp
Benjamins Shutter: False Creek
knightbefore_99: Happy Song
Paid My Dues: Lisbon Portugal_0037a
gks18: Indigenous Dancer, Surrey, BC
earlyalan90 away awhile: Posing Lesser Blackbacked Gull
Jacky Parker Photography: Summer Heleniums
little_stephy0925: Kiki in Cone
Paid My Dues: Lisbon Portugal_0016a
Arlene Gee (seeking beauty everywhere): Monochromatic Succulent 10_Nikon D5300 and Sigma 18250
HofmanPhotos: Village Veggie Sales
HofmanPhotos: Village Veggie Guy2
Eric Flexyourhead: Saori-san on the tracks
banzainetsurfer: Giant Sky Wheel
Paid My Dues: Lisbon Portugal_5369a
HK Passey: Serrated Leaves
bibi.barbie: 菊島之美 天人菊
jlee31180: Test drive.