transvox: Autumn comes to Moel Hebog
transvox: Looking over the rooftops from the Wilko's carpark
transvox: Yr Hen Ysgol
transvox: Upturned boats
transvox: An ocean of surging green
transvox: A Cathedral to Slate
transvox: Quiet Sunday at Caernarfon on Remembrance Day
transvox: The Ghosts of Aristocrats past
transvox: Shabby Chic
transvox: The Church Sant Tysilio built
transvox: Inside the Little Church
transvox: Recyled Timbers
transvox: Symbol of privilege and exploitation
transvox: Cast Iron bridge made in Glamorganshire 1824
transvox: Serpentine driftwood
transvox: Tidal Scuptures
transvox: Standing archeaology circa 1970s
transvox: Alone again....... naturally
transvox: A lone Detectorists searches the shore
transvox: Late afternoon at waters edge in Criccieth
transvox: The sea still take a toll of the wreck
transvox: Humble footbridge in the shadow of a famous road bridge
transvox: Edward's stronghold now in Welsh hands
transvox: Cadair y Bardd
transvox: Aelwyd a chartref y bardd
transvox: The shadow encroaches
transvox: The sun kissed pastures below Manod Bach
transvox: The Lonely Tower
transvox: Broken but beautiful
transvox: Llyn Stwlan Dam