jwvraets: Lunaria In Snow
jwvraets: Winter: Dead, Red Geranium In Blue Pot
jwvraets: Soup Of The Day: Esppresso
jwvraets: The Orange Gloves
jwvraets: Shamrock By The Kitchen Window
jwvraets: Kelson Beach: Groynes & Driftwood
jwvraets: Ice Crystals Along The Creek
jwvraets: Grimsby, 2022-Jan-16, 06:06AM
jwvraets: Green Dumpster, Hughson St
jwvraets: Reflection Of Dan Kozina Mural
jwvraets: Mixing Bowl With 24 Carrots, Silver Dollars
jwvraets: Toronto Across Lake Ontario, From Gibson Point
jwvraets: Dusk, Icy Kelson Beach Groyne
jwvraets: Before The Christmas Decorations Come Down
jwvraets: Seagull Barrier, Pump House Pier
jwvraets: Orange And Pink Zinnias In Red Vase
jwvraets: Building Under Construction, Yellow & Blue
jwvraets: Whiskey Jack Beer Co., Brew Tanks
jwvraets: Purple Flowers On Marigold Seeds
jwvraets: Coming & Going, Cow, Tufford Road
jwvraets: Port Dover: Harbour Channel Marker
jwvraets: Port Dover: Blue Wall, 13 Walker
jwvraets: After The Cleanup: The Green Watering Can
jwvraets: Frost And Reflections Of Dawn
jwvraets: Alefia Greenhouses Orange Glow
jwvraets: Entrance, Aga Khan Museum
jwvraets: Yellow Wire Chair On Blue-Tiled Porch
jwvraets: Tagging, Alley Off King William
jwvraets: Park Bench & Budget Demolition, Gore Park
jwvraets: The Scream: Red pepper On Maple Leaves