mahi mahi 163: Ring-necked Pheasant _ 長隆
Sam Yaffe: Sweet-Lady-in-the-Rock_DSC0271-copy-as-Smart-Object-1-C-1-A-2
Verde River: 11152019000034250
Ania Tuzel Photography: This is My Serious Side
chasingthelight10: Teton Morning Glory
Marcandalli.Mauro - 4.000.000 di visite: Passeggiando lungo l'Adda
AviAntonio: Guapa , guapa.
SaffyH: World's End near Wrexham, Wales - April 2019
kingusazennycater: Các hành vô thường , Là pháp sinh diệt , Sinh diệt diệt rồi , Tịch diệt là vui . KINH ĐẠI BÁT NIẾT BÀN
frank olayag: La Sombra Perdida. - The Lost Shadow.
J Henry G: Winter Visitor: Pileated Woodpecker
HANI BADER: Dentex Blenny Exaggerated Perspective
beranekp: 2006-05-09 Dvojštítek hladkoplodý - Obora
FotoGrazio: Penasquitos Creek
gsubiza: Laguna Pastos Grandes. Bolivia
ChicagoBob46: In charge
peter-goettlich: rising clouds above the valley
antodad4111: Blue tit (2)
Pucci Sauro: Bhutan 2017
Jaan Keinaste: Punased marjad
abjorken: Barnacle Goose (Branta leucopsis) Vitkindad gås
JLS@Photos: Mammoth hot springs, Hot water fountain
berthon.gilles: La nuit étrange!-129-128
Klodio70: out of the rain
Neotropical Pete: LAUGHING FALCON Herpetotheres cachinnans at Río Silanche in Northwestern ECUADOR. Falcon Photo by Peter Wendelken.