Provence Rp: To infinity and beyond...., Sainte Baume , Provence , France.
Provence Rp: Blue time , between day and night, Etang de Diane , Corsica.
Provence Rp: Salagou Lake in winter , by an icy wind , Occitanie , France.
Provence Rp: Sunset on Cassis , Provence , France.
Provence Rp: ♫ "Fly me to the moon , Let me play among the stars..♫, Ste Baume , Provence , France.
Provence Rp: Sunset near La Ciotat,France
Provence Rp: Shine and light my day..., Nice , France.
Provence Rp: "..To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before"...Modern Art Museum , Nice.
Provence Rp: Cocktail of blue , a beach story , Corsica.
Provence Rp: Limitless horizon from Mt Ste Baume , Provence , France.
Provence Rp: Last sunshine on the beach , Mignataja, Corsica.
Provence Rp: The pleasure of the beach in the mountain ,Fiumorbo ,Corsica.
Provence Rp: Sorry.., Hush!!! , it's hunting time now...See you later...Fiumorbo , Corsica.
Provence Rp: A very big hug with our Corsicat kitten..a great moment of sweetness and emotion.., Corsica.Ray.
Provence Rp: And in the distant sea , the sun's drowning... , Cassis , France.
Provence Rp: ♫ Now she's gone , Love burns inside me ...♫ (BRMC) , La Ciotat , Provence.
Provence Rp: "OK kitty , look on your right.., concentrated.., you see something wrong.. , unpleasant.., don't move , ok it's in the box !...." Good cat , Montpellier , France.
Provence Rp: Fields of flowers , Embrun , French Alps.
Provence Rp: "A river runs through it"... , Fiumorbo , Corsica.
Provence Rp: - "Kitten"...? - "Yes's me"..., Corsicat , Fiumorbo.
Provence Rp: Flower , La Turbie , Nice.
Provence Rp: Vade retro Covid..., La Ciotat , Provence.
Provence Rp: Sunset colors on the port , La Ciotat , Provence.
Provence Rp: Christmas lights on La Ciotat , Provence.
Provence Rp: Dive Forrest , dive !!! The Troll's moving !!...Fiumorbo , Corsica.
Provence Rp: In search of Gulliver , Aubagne , Provence.
Provence Rp: Who's watching who...? , La Ciotat , Provence.
Provence Rp: So sweet in the sleep.... Provence.
Provence Rp: A little sweetness in a world of brutes.., Villefranche-sur-Mer.
Provence Rp: Stormy day for fishes , Cassis , Provence.