2flutes: Four Brothers & A Common Passion
2flutes: 1940 Mercury
2flutes: Fall On The Susquehanna River
2flutes: Sunset On Local Farm
2flutes: Finally The Storm Passes
2flutes: To Give Or Receive Beauty
2flutes: Simple Beauty
2flutes: Our Day At The Beach
2flutes: A Walk To Remember
2flutes: Time Brings Us Closer
2flutes: Softness Can Be Seen
2flutes: Softness Counts
2flutes: Wasn’t So Far Away
2flutes: Colors Sharing Space
2flutes: Just Leaving The Park
2flutes: Roxie Is Her Name
2flutes: Warmth And Reflection
2flutes: Winter Is Coming To A Close
2flutes: While Walking
2flutes: After The Rain
2flutes: Simple As A Rose
2flutes: To Feel Without Touch
2flutes: Far From The City Life
2flutes: Colors Delight
2flutes: Easy To Remember
2flutes: Summer Will Return
2flutes: True Softness
2flutes: Clouds Speak
2flutes: Slowly The Storm Moves Out
2flutes: Feeling The Chill In A Photograph